Turbine Specification

1. High Solidity – High Torque – Caged Rotor Turbine.
2. Slow Speed – Gear Less Technology.
3. Very Slow Speed, Permanent magnet large diameter generator.
4. Deflactor blades, rotor blades (two verticle plane).
5. Multi-bladed layered wind manipulation.
6. Down wind type.
7. Speed range from 2 mts / Sec to 30 Mts / Sec.
8. Free from all antirotational wind forces.
9. Suitable for rural as well as urban landscapes.

Three bladed version have problems of drag, TSR, furling, stalling, bird hits, blade stress, repulsive looks etc... hence the search of the simple economically viable cost effective, reliable, versatile and functional turbine of “Fit and Forget' kind.

The wind turbine is a long-shot Technology that could drastically change the energy game based on KWHr and not on KW ratings . Design of “Vayoo Chakra” is NOT a variant of existing Aerofoil technology or an incremental innovation. It is an original innovation. The project is the process of developing and proving a scientific and logical revolutionary approach against the AEROFOIL MINDSET. This tend to achieve 300% more cumulative power.

Any turbine with a 300% enhanced power generating capacity will be CAPABLE OF CHANGING THE MARKET DYNAMICS of wind energy .It will be really an economically viable proposition and need not look for any kind of INCENTIVES for the survival of the GREEN POWER ecosystem. Limitless market exists for a viable wind turbine suitable for rural as well as urban landscapes and have higher POWER DENSITY per acre of the land.

Wind Problem